Become a Retailer

Spitball Studio’s books are available through Baker & Taylor. We also sell our books directly to bookstores and retailers. Want to sell our titles like Once Upon a Weasel and Wild Wild Weasel? Fill out your information using the form below and we will get back to you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your books through wholesale?

Our books are available through Baker & Taylor! You can order just like any other book available through their system.

My bookstore only buys through Ingram. Why should we buy from you?

When you order from us you support truly independent publishing. Just as we value growing our reach through small, independent booksellers we hope you see value in buying great books from a small, independent publisher. We make ordering and re-ordering easy, with online invoicing payable by check or credit card.

What kind of discount do you offer to bookstores?

Our standard discount to booksellers is 60% off cover price for books.

Are you friendly and easy to work with?


What am I still doing reading these FAQs and not contacting Spitball Studio?

We’re not sure. Reach out using the form below!